Eaglemoss Delorean 1/8 Kit Review

Providing some information about a Back to the Future 1/8 scale Delorean model kit. The Eaglemoss Delorean model kit is interesting for many reasons: the massive scale, the build process, and the way you purchase the kit.

Ill include my experiences, thoughts, and a general review about the kit and how the build is going from a builder in the United States.

1/8 Delorean Time Machine

The kit is quit massive and depicts the time machine built by Doctor Emmett Brown in the film Back to the Future.

Eaglemoss has done an excellent job of capturing the detail and overall feel of the Delorean time-machine.

The kit has something like 2,000 parts, an overall length of 2 feet, and weighing over 20 LBS when finished.

You might be intimidated by the idea of hand assembling that many parts; however, this kit comes with an interesting solution to managing part-overload/costs.