The Eaglemoss Kit

The kit is massive and depicts the time machine built by Doctor Emmett Brown in the film Back to the Future.

Eaglemoss has done an excellent job of capturing the detail and overall feel of the Delorean time-machine.

The kit has something like 2,000 parts, an overall length of 2 feet, and weighing over 20 LBS when finished.

You might be intimidated by some of that at first; however, Eaglemoss has an interesting solution to managing part-overload.

The way that Eaglemoss solves some of these concerns is unique and somewhat unusual to us regular model-kit builders.

They basically send you four sets of parts each month (or four issues per month) which typically means you have 10-20 parts per month to assemble.

In addition to giving the builder ample time to assemble the parts it also allows the cost of the kit to be spread out into smaller more manageable amounts. 

If you’re wondering “how much?” I’d refer you to Eaglemoss’s website for the latest pricing. I’m about a year into my subscription and gave up smoking two packs of cigarettes a week to cover the cost. I’m happy to report that I’m still cigarette-free.

There are other large scale Deloreans out there – Hot Toys made a 1/6 prebuilt time machine but it is made of plastic, has some noticeable inaccuracies, and is sold-out and only available from resellers at exorbitant prices.

Eaglemoss’s offering is mostly metal parts and I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of many of the finished sub-assemblies.